Modular Scaling

A multi-chain, multi-rollup architecture for Web3 applications

The blockchain trilemma refers to the belief that a single blockchain cannot simultaneously provide the benefits of decentralization, scalability, and security.

However, these benefits are indispensable for good infrastructures to support running Web3 applications. Trustless Labs hopes to break the trilemma through our modular blockchain system combined with zero-knowledge proof technology.

Our Solutions

Three-Layer Multi-Chain & Multi-Rollup Architecture

Layer1 Multi-Chain : Decentralized & secure asset settlement

Layer2 Multi - Modular : Connecting L1 assets and L3 DApps; DeFi-friendly execution environment

  • Proxy PoS (DPoS): High TPS; BFT-based consensus single-slot finality; Geth-based execution: EVM compatibility
  • Block generators, cross-chain bridges, oracles, data availability

Layer3 Multi-Rollup: Independent DeFi Execution Environment; State Validity and Data Availability

  • Operation of Rollup Slot and Rollup
  • Rollup Transaction Priority: The block generator sets a higher priority for transactions sent to the Rollup Slot
  • Delphinus aggregator solves cross-Rollup communication problem
  • RaaS - Rollup as a Service

Market Comparison

High Throughput
Low TXN Fees
Flash Layering
MEV Protection

Our Roadmap

  • Qtum Extension Blockchain and Bridge

    2022 Q3 : White Paper, Public Testnet

    2022 Q4 - 2023 Q1 : Multi-chain bridge, DeFi Dapps

  • Data availability, block generators & oracles

    2023 Q2 - Q3 : Implement blob transactions, store blocks; design and implementation of block generators and oracles

  • Independent network for Bitcoin & Ethereum scaling services

    2023 Q4 : Independent network with blockchain, bridges, block generators, and oracles

  • Rollup and full sharding

    2023 Q4 : ZK-Rollup SDK, ZK-Rollup template (DEX, NFT Market), built-in ZK-EVM

    2024 ~ : Data Availability Sampling Node, 2D-Reed-Solomon Code, Random Sampling ZK Proof